These are two separate organizations, but many seniors belong to both organizations.  Both share the facility at the Otto Kaufman Community Center.

The Montgomery Senior (Wellness) Center is operated through a partnership between Montgomery Township and the Somerset County Office on Aging. The Center is open Monday thru Friday 9am to 4pm at the Otto Kaufman Center in Skillman. The Center offers a wide range of programs, games and experiences in a social and uplifting atmosphere intended to positively impact overall health.  Programs and activities are designed to stimulate the mind and body while supporting healthy living, social interaction, and good nutrition. Lunch is offered each day for a suggested donation of $2.50. Through the county, bus service can be arranged for the residents of Montgomery Township.  The Center Manager is Denise Crowley. She can be reached at or 609-466-0846.

The Montgomery Township Senior Citizens, Inc. (aka Montgomery Senior Citizens) is a private non-profit organization that hosts social and educational events and activities for its members. It is not operated by the county or by the township. The organization also meets at the Otto Kaufman Center but only monthly, on the second Thursday of each month, at 1:00pm for the general meetings and weekly on Wednesday, at 12:30pm for the planning meetings. Unlike Montgomery Senior (Wellness) Center, no transportation is provided to attend the meetings.  The organization organizes and sponsors trips, socials and programs inside and outside of the center for its members with some open to the general public.  Additionally, the organization acts as a strong advocate for issues important to seniors.

There are some differences in eligibility between the two organizations.  To be a member of the Montgomery Senior (Wellness) Center, you need to be 60 or older and a resident of Somerset County.  To be a member of Montgomery Senior Citizens, you need to be 55 or older and a resident of Montgomery or nearby community.  There is no cost to join the Montgomery Senior (Wellness) Center.  There is an annual fee to join the Montgomery Senior Citizens, which is $10 for 2023.  Citizenship is not a requirement to either organization.