Since last year, we have been utilizing technology to accelerate the communication between the executive team and our membership.  We recognize that this is a big change.  However difficult it might be, it is necessary if we want to be more efficient and to accomplish more.  
Luckily, the Montgomery Library introduced us to Nipun Patel, who has been volunteering his time and knowledge at the library to help anyone with issues using their phone or computer.  He has a M.S. in Electrical Engineering with focus in Computer Vision from Penn State in 2003 and therefore has a very broad technical background.  
Nipun Patel has volunteered to join us at our March meeting.  If you have any phone or computer issues, bring in your device.  He will try to help you.  You might want him to set up a bookmark so that you can easily get to our website.  Just a word of caution, he can probably help only one at a time.  You can also set up an appointment at the library with him.  He is very knowledgeable,  patient and has excellent communication skills.  He has already helped us with a problem relating to our group email.  So during the meeting, give Nipun Patel a big warm welcome.
Executive Committee